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Vera Sidika trying hard to convince fans that she paid for her vacation

Socialite Vera Sidika is having a credibility crisis. No one seems to be persuaded that she just paid for her lavish vacation to celebrate her birthday.

The socialite has been sharing snapchats to prove that she paid for her birthday vacation in the Maldives.

This was after a fan claimed to have traced the person who took Vera to the Maldives.

The fan claimed to have followed the trail of social media posts left by the alleged sponsor

The fan even tagged the man who she described as the son of an African head of state.


Vera, in her response, shared screenshots of her “late booking” on a travel website as well conversations with her travel agent.

She expressed being hurt by a stranger wanted to take away the joy of paying for her vacation with her hard earned money.

The screenshots of the user’s claim and Vera’s numerous responses were shared on the Celeb Chronicles Facebook page.