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Vera, Huddah keep snapchat followers hooked with X-rated ‘exposes’

Nairobi socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe treated their Snapchat followers to a banter as they separately accused an unknown person of all manner of things.

The two, however, did not name whoever they’re accusing, but their posts are nonetheless fascinating.

The ‘beef’, which has been going on for the last three days over ambassadorial roles and event appearances, seems not to be normal business rivalry but personal, due to the insults and threats being hurled.

Vera alleges: “U and Ur USA pal informed immigration DJ Crème and I r hosting in Dallas…So we cud be deported!!! Now Kenyans know who da snitch was!!!”

She goes on: “Yes Kenyans. She snitched on Crème Dallas gig. Got an innocent guy in trouble.”

Huddah wrote: “I am willing to take a (expletive) to VCT for testing. Come I’ll even pay for it. You (expletive) n***as in China for 5,000 USD without condoms. Don’t let me expose. Having HIV is not the end of the world. People live years with it.”