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US police kill 23 year-old Kenyan, drugs and weapons found

A 23 year-old Kenyan man was shot and killed in Georgia, United States, after he tried to run over a narcotics team that was serving him with a warrant in an ongoing narcotics case.

Local police said Joel Gatu Muturi was being served with a search warrant at his apartment on Thursday evening when he was shot by a deputy.

“When they were here at the apartment, they had contact with the suspect in that case. The suspect attempted to run over a deputy sheriff in a vehicle. Shots were fired and the suspect is deceased,” said Lt. Colonel Robert Quigley of the Cobb County Sheriff’s office.


He added that officers recovered a substantial amount of drugs and weapons at the scene, though he did not disclose the type of narcotics, but said “several” different drugs were found.

“Our undercover narcotics unit had run a series of investigations. This is one they were working very heavily and they were certainly looking to get this individual into custody. And did everything they could to prevent this type of event from happening,” said Quigley.

None of the law enforcement officers sustained serious injuries.


The officer who shot Muturi will be placed on administrative leave until the investigation leading to the shooting are complete, which is standard practice.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will be investigating the deputy involved shooting incident.
The sheriff’s office say they recovered different types of narcotics and weapons at the scene.