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MP Maanzo, wife stable in hospital

Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo and his wife Catherine Maanzo are in stable condition at the Nairobi Hospital after they were attacked early Wednesday morning.

The MP and his wife were attacked at their home in Hardy, Karen, at 3am by seven thugs who were armed with crude weapons.

Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo addresses the media at Nairobi Hospital on February 19, 2014. PHOTO | STELLA CHERONO

“They then asked the house help to bring them to my bedroom. They asked for money and I gave them. Then they took my two phones, my wife’s two phones, two ipads, and other things that I am yet to determine,” Mr Maanzo told journalists.

Mr Maanzo said the thugs hit him on the forehead with a small axe when he tried to wake up from his bed.

His wife was also hit twice on the head as she tried to raise alarm. She sustained deep cuts at the back of her head and one on her left cheek.

Though he said that he still could not determine the motive of the attack, he could not relate it with a political motive.

“I do not really know if it was a political attack, but in politics we have a lot of enemies. I am shocked though about the security situation because if I was attacked in that area, then no Kenyan is safe,” he said.

“I could say it was a normal robbery, but I do not understand why out of the more than twelve houses in our gated community and the estate which is normally perceived as safe, my house was the one which was broken into.”

He said he lives next to Senators and elite members of the Asian community, each living in a house with half an acre plots.

Catherine Maanzo, wifeof Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo, at the Nairobi Hospital on February 19, 2014

His children, who were sleeping in a separate room, were not hurt during the incident.Mrs Maanzo said the children woke up during the commotion and were very terrified.

The legislator said the watchmen and bodyguard were asleep in their house located at the servants’ quarter.

Doctors at the hospital say the couple is in stable condition, but they will not be discharged immediately because they are still under close observation.

When Nairobi News visited the hospital early Wednesday Morning, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Kitui Senator David Musila and Parliament minority leader Francis Nyenze were at the hospital to visit the injured couple.

Mr Maanzo could walk from his hospital’s private room to the room where his wife is admitted. He said the only pain he felt was that on his head and right leg.

Mr Kalonzo asked Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo to look into the security situation in the country since several people have been attacked recently.

Police records show that there has been an increase of such attacks in upmarket estates in the last two months.

The latest of such attacks happened at Mimosa Grove estate in Runda on Thursday night when three men armed with improvised explosives –a bicycle wire and match stick phosphorus – broke into the house of Margaret Kamene Matheka, an auditor with the Education ministry and demanded cash.

Police say they are questioning the house help and the watchmen to determine whether they know anything about the attack.