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Untold stories of bad experiences that forced doctors to go on strike

Doctors have taken to Twitter to share their bad experiences at work, some of which have led to the ongoing strike to demand for better remuneration and work environment.

Using the hashtag #MyBadDoctorExperience, the doctors have been telling their horrific encounters in the line of work ranging from almost contracting diseases to misuse of medical equipment or lack of.

The trend was top in the country on Monday afternoon with attempts by pro-government bloggers to make it about patients who have suffered in the hands of Kenyan doctors backfiring.

Doctors told their horrific experiences in poorly equipped wards and theatres that have forced them to either dig into their pockets or risk their lives to save a patient bare hands due to lack of gloves.

Here are some of the shared experiences by the doctors who are on the 44th day of strike: