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Undress to impress?

We live in a world where nightlife is more exciting than the day, and walking semi-nude in the name of fashion is considered okay.

Although there are people who still feel strongly about their ancestral beliefs, two Kenyan ladies have dared to push the boundaries to an extreme limit that has made them the topic of gossip.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe, real name Al Huddah Njoroge,  has rattled many people with her carefree attitude and scandalous moments.  She blamed all her acting out to her upbringing which she said was not a pretty one.

Born in Nairobi 21 years ago to a Somali mother and Kikuyu father whom she has never met, Huddah, went to school at Kajiado Hill Academy, Kitengela.

Her early years were not any child’s dream. She came from a family where domestic violence was the order of the day, and this made her feel lonely and depressed.

The most interesting part of her life was when her nude pictures started doing rounds on social media.

“I came from humble beginnings. I never went to college and now that I make my decisions, I’d do anything to make my life comfortable,” she says.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is another lady who has stirred controversy ever since she joined the entertainment scene.

The ‘socialite’ who has featured in PUnit’s song, You Guy  was born and raised in Mombasa. Vera, is alleged to live a luxurious life through means that are still a mystery.

“I am a business woman. I have a poultry farm aside from selling human hair,” is what she said when asked where all her resources came from.