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UK’s Harrods shop brilliantly disowns Kenyan ‘franchise’

It is arguably the world’s most expensive shop. From luxury yachts selling for Sh16 billion ($165 million), ruby encrusted strappy stiletto sold for Sh160 million ($1.6 million) to diamond manicure going for Sh5.1 million ($51,000) and Eton shirts sold at Sh4.5 million ($44,740), the Harrods in the UK is the place where the world’s wealthiest convene for shopping.

But more than 5,000 miles away in Kenya, a Harrods shop opened. But there was a hitch. Apart from the name, the contrast on anything else is as clear as day and night.

The Kenyan Harrods is on an iron-sheet-walled shop and sells mainly curios.

It is no wonder that when their social media handlers got wind of the Harrods’ “franchise” in Kenya, they treated just as that –a joke.


“We’ve received some enquiries regarding a #Harrods store in Kenya. We can confirm that it’s not an official store,” the UK posh shop tweeted, including a picture of the shop complete with the face with tears of joy emoji.

The picture has been retweeted more than 450 times.

All we can say is, the Kenyan shop owner’s dream is valid.