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Uganda’s military play Kanu song to Uhuru

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) played a song praising the political party Kanu as President Uhuru Kenyatta inspected a guard of honour before he addressed the Ugandan parliament in Kampala Monday morning.

The song, “Ooh Kanu yajenga nchi” was popularized during the Kanu era which many Kenyans associate with brutality and dictatorship.

The party was eventually vanquished form power by Narc regime in 2002, curiously when President Kenyatta was its candidate.

He later ditched Kanu and formed The National Alliance, which swept to power in 2013 following a coalition arrangement with United Republic Party headed by deputy president William Ruto.

On Monday, Kenyans on Twitter went gaga reacting to the sig tune.

Anne Kanina-Macharia (‏@Anna_Kanina) wrote: “Wah! We have started the week with a KANU song played in Uganda with President Kenyatta present”, while @JosephNdwiga wrote: “Why did the Uganda military band play KANU yajenga nchi? Any significance?”

Wilfred Mutuma (‏@williembig) weighed in: “The Uganda forces band just played “kanu yajenga nchi” tune before our president. They need b updated!!”

Thuranira Kaugiria (‏@doncorleon85) tweeted: “KANU yajenga nchi. Even Uganda knows that. Let me sit here and watch #KOT behave like it’s not true,” while Betty Waitherero (‏@bettywaitherero) said “If you don’t get that Ugandan joke re band playing Kanu song.. anyway wacha tu.