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Ugandan couple walk to a simple Sh8500 wedding

A Ugandan couple chose to have the simplest wedding, walking half a kilometer to the venue.

The ceremony was reported to have cost them Sh8,500 (300,000UGX).

The two, who hail from Saroti area in Eastern Uganda, were featured by the Daily Monitor which tweeted photos of the one of a kind ceremony.

The bride donning her tailor made simple satin fabric gown walked in high heels with a smile accompanied by family and friends.


The groom opted for a simple plain white shirt with a black trouser and black bow tie to complete his look.

The two could be seen seated in a village church which had no fancy flowers and petals on the floor.

They looked happy and fulfilled while clapping their hands along to the songs serenaded by the church choir donning white and blue uniform.