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Uganda shuts all her borders after reporting first coronavirus case

In a decision that is likely to affect Kenyan business people, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday ordered the closure of all Ugandan border points effective Sunday.

Museveni made this announcement hours before the East African country announced that she had recorded her first coronavirus case.

Health Minister Ruth Aseng confirmed the patient as a 36-year-old male who had travelled to Dubai on March 17 for a business trip and returned four days later via Ethiopian Airlines.

“This prompted the health team at the airport to isolate him for further follow up. Subsequent temperatures taken at intervals of 30 minutes and one hour remained the same. He was evacuated to Entebbe Grade B hospital for further follow up where nasal swab was taken for analysis. The patient is in stable condition but remains under isolation,” explained Aseng.

The head of state explained that the new measures will help curb indiscipline of the travellers who have abused the quarantine at Entebbe. Among the effected entry and exit points is the Entebbe International Airport which will be closed for passenger flights effective midnight on Sunday.

“To prohibit all incoming passengers whether by air, water or road, in order to actualise this, we have decided to prohibit all passenger planes coming from outside Uganda from landing at any of the airports of Uganda. Only the cargo planes will be allowed to fly into and outside of Uganda. Also to be allowed are planes on account of emergency or UN planes doing relief work,” ordered Museveni.

He added: “No person, Ugandan or otherwise, will be allowed to enter Uganda by water or land except for drivers and accompanying crews not exceeding three for cargo transport vehicles such as trailers, lorries and other vehicles.”

This move will likely affect thousands of Kenyans who regularly travel to Uganda, especially to the capital Kampala, for business and pleasure.