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Uber to insure passengers for up to Sh150k

Online taxi hailing firm Uber on Tuesday announced it will provide insurance cover for riders in each trip.

Users will get between sh6,000 and sh150,000 worth of emergency medical evacuation, treatment and compensation in case of accidents.

The US-based firm has partnered with a local insurance company, First Assurance, to offer personal accident cover for riders against injury or death.

In a statement, the firm explained that in the event of an accident, “riders using the app will be insured for accidental medical expenses, costs while on hospital confinement, ambulance emergency as well as compensation for death or serious injury suffered by a passenger…while on a trip with Uber.”

Uber has a similar personal insurance cover for riders in Nigeria and South Africa.

Only drivers in Nigeria have an additional insurance cover.

According to Uber, the personal insurance cover will include a sh25,773 package for ambulance or emergency transportation service where an Uber rider is involved in an accident and in need of immediate medical attention.

In the case where a rider seeks medical attention, the insurance will cover expense incurred up to sh50,000, while if a rider is hospitalised the firm will part with sh5,000 daily for a maximum of 30 days.

In the case of accidental death, family will be paid sh75,000 and a further sh15,000 for additional expense.

Where a rider suffers a permanent disability sh75,000 will be paid out. The cover conditions sets a minimum claim at sh6,000.

Speaking during the launch, Uber’s General Manager for East Africa Loic Amado said, “We are excited about this new and innovative insurance policy. The insurance coverage goes hand in hand with Uber’s commitment to build safety into our service from beginning to end: before a passenger even gets into the car, throughout the journey and after they have reached their destination.”