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Two robbery suspects burnt to death in Mlango Kubwa

Two suspected robbers were on Friday morning burnt to death in Mlango Kubwa after they were caught stealing.

According to eye witness reports, the thieves attacked three ladies who were on their way to work in the morning and demanded money from them.

One of the ladies raised the alarm prompting them to take off but they were seized by a team of youths who are responsible for security in the area.

The youths then proceeded to lynch the suspects after which they poured petrol on the suspects and set them ablaze.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy against criminals in this area. Other criminals who are caught will face the same fate,” said one of the youths.

Among crowd that had gathered to witness the chilling events was the mother of one of the suspects who watched the entire incident in horror. She tried to plea with the youths but was silenced and even roughed up; she was rescued by the sympathizers.

Initial reports confirmed that the two suspects were involved in a robbery in Lango on Thursday night during which two people were stabbed.

“These are the same thieves who broke into a supermarket last night. In fact, they were three but one was lucky to escape, we are tired of criminals and let this be a warning to the rest.” added the security boy.