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Two nearly lynched after snatching phone from motorist – PHOTOS / VIDEO

Two men alleged to have snatched a phone from a motorist along Wabera Street in Nairobi narrowly escaped death after police officers on patrol intervened.

The two were aboard a bodaboda when committing the crime. However, their getaway plan did not go as they had expected as members of the public thwarted their escape.

The man whose phone had been stolen apprehended one of the perpetrators determined to take him and his colleague to the nearest police station and let the law take its course.

However, bodaboda riders had something else in mind as they descended on the two men with kicks and blows.

The scene attracted a huge crowd who watched in disbelief as the bodaboda riders used whatever weapon they could find to clobber the two.

“Hawa ni wezi lazina tuwafunze adabu, hawa ndio wanatuharibia kazi,” said one of the bodaboda rider.

Police officers had a rough time trying to repel a huge crowd that formed on Kenyatta Avenue where the incident happened, forcing them to shoot in the air.

An ambulance later came to take the two men who were barely conscious to hospital.

The crowd.