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Two injured in accident on Jogoo Road

Two people were seriously injured in a road accident along Jogoo Road in Nairobi on Friday morning.
Eye witnesses faulted the driver for the accident claiming that he was driving while using his mobile phone.
This incident occurred at around 9am, and involved a 14 seater vehicle which was extensively damaged after hitting a huge stone.
Those at the scene who spoke to Nairobi News said the driver of the vehicle was driving towards BuruBuru from town on the two lane Highway while texting on his phone.
He then lost control of the vehicle which veered off the road and hit a huge stone on the side of the adjacent highway that heads back to town.
“The driver was clearly distracted by his phone which he was using while driving,” an eyewitness at the scene told Nairobi News.
The driver sustained injuries on both hands while a passenger in the same car got injured on the foot.
The victims were rushed to hospital by well-wishers while the damaged car was towed away by a break down vehicle.