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Two clerks nabbed with computer accessories stolen from Ardhi House

Detectives attached to the Special Services Unit on Thursday arrested two clerks and recovered computers and an assortment of components stolen from the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning headquarters in Nairobi.

Humphrey Wairori Wanyonyi and Pius Mutune Wambua had been contracted to digitise records at the National Lands Commission.

The two led officers to Wanyonyi’s house where six CPUs, ten hard drives, three DVD drives, three motherboards and three power supplies, nine new sticky notes, 12 used sticky notes, four used masking tapes and one HP laptop with its charger were recovered.

According to DCI, the items were stolen on November 24 and a report was filed at Kilimani Police Station.

The suspects were taken to court on a miscellaneous application for police custodial orders.

They were on Thursday remanded for three days ahead of court appearance on November 30.

The arrests came in the wake of increased cases of land fraud as the government moves to digitise all land records in the country to stem the vice.

The registries have been plagued by corruption including hiding of files for gain, interference with information and fraudulent creation of multiple records for same parcels of land.

It is necessary for government and any enterprise to have an inventory of all resources and such efforts should be regular as a matter of policy.

The digitisation is meant to enhance transparency in record keeping with the government hoping that it will in turn benefit members of the public and restore trust.

Lack of access to land information blamed on manual record keeping was attributed to rampant corruption at the ministry of lands.

The government introduced digitisation of land records to computerise all land records including mutations, improve transparency in the land records maintenance system, digitise maps and survey, update all settlement records and minimise the scope of land disputes.