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Two brothers on the run after killing their father’s young lover

Police in Kisumu are searching for two brothers who killed their father’s lover on Wednesday night.

It is a tale of a man, his ailing wife, his pregnant lover, and two angry sons.


Police say the murder victim had been introduced to the brothers’ family as their father’s second wife.

On Wednesday night, 29-year-old Mercy Akinyi is said to have been drinking with her lover at a local bar in Nanga, Kisumu County.

Their merrymaking would go on till late at night when the man, popularly known as Mwalimu, asked to leave, asking Akinyi to join him later at his place.

Akinyi is said to have left for Mwalimu’s place around 11 pm.

And this would be the last time she was seen alive as she met her death at Mwalimu’s house, in the hands of his children.

“One of Mwalimu’s sons spotted her and attacked her,” said a friend who had known Akinyi for a while.

The man in his 20s then alerted his brother and together they attacked Akinyi using a panga and stones.

Akinyi, who was about three months pregnant, according to her friend, sustained deep cuts on the head and neck.

According to Mr Victor Owino Orongo, a resident of Nanga, he got information that Akinyi had been attacked and killed by two people at around 11pm.


“The worst part was because of the ongoing dusk-to-dawn curfew, Mwalimu had difficulties getting means to take his lover to hospital,” said Mr Orongo.

“By the time he did, it was too late because she had already lost a lot of blood. She died at the hospital and had deep cuts on the head and neck.”

Mr Orongo said the two men killed Akinyi, accusing her of wrecking their parents’ marriage.

“They felt she made their father abandon their ailing mother,” said Mr Orongo.

“Their mother has been hospitalised for more than a week now at Port Florence Hospital and the young men claimed their father has not been visiting her.”

According to Kisumu Central OCPD Martha Ng’etich, the man had introduced Akinyi to his family as his second wife without notifying his sons.

“It was wrong for the two young men to take matters in to their own hands. They should have even approached the area chief instead to intervene. They have escaped but we are on their trail and we will arrest them soon,” said Mrs Ng’etich.

The deceased has left behind a 10-year-old son.