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Twitter blows up after Ndii’s speech at Bomas

Economist David Ndii’s speech during the opposition meeting at Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday elicited mixed reaction on Twitter.

Ndii who spoke to delegates on the economy under the Jubilee administration outlined the government projects he said were over budgeted for.

He urged the opposition to unite urging all aspirants to champion voter registration in their areas stating, “We must arm all our troops.”

Ndii went on to give a detailed analysis of the Jubilee administration projects accusing the government of “mesmerizing Kenyans with images” and eventually incurring debt for projects that did not match the images.

His declaration did not sit well with some Twitter users as they accused him of being biased and not as independent as an economist should be.

Others defended the economist saying he, like any other Kenyan, had a right to be political.