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Tuskys Supermarket Hyrax branch closed after sewage line bursts

Tuskys Supermarket Hyrax branch along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway has been closed down by the Nakuru Public Health Department after sewage line burst on Sunday afternoon flooding a section of the building.

County PHO Samuel King’ori said the sewage pipe located underneath the building burst causing a health scare.

Mr King’ori directed that all food stuff-raw and cooked suspected to be contaminated be disposed forthwith.

This is the second the incident at the supermarket following a similar one in May this year.


The health department says the supermarket has failed to heed to instructions to re-route the sewer-line even after the first incident occurred.

“This sewer line keeps bursting and must be rerouted to avoid an outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera,” said Mr King’ori.

The branch manager Mr George Njogu said foodstuff suspected to have been contaminated will be disposed immediately, but failed to comment on rerouting of the sewer line.