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Trump proclaims his love for Kenyans and Americans are puzzled – VIDEO

US President Donald Trump, a man who for years claimed that former president Barrack Obama was not born in the United States, on Tuesday surprised many when he mentioned Kenya in his speech.

Yah that’s right. He was ranting about how the media covered his reaction to the Charlottesville attack , and in the process managed to squeeze in Kenya.

President Trump is accused of defending white nationalists protesters over the violent fracas that broke out in the Virginia college town of Charlottesville.

Referring to his now controversial speech in the wake of the attack, Mr Trump said; “”My speech said ‘I love all of the people of our country’. I didn’t say I love you because you are black, or I love you because you are white, or I love you because you are from Japan or you are from China or you are from Kenya, or Scotland or Sweden. I love all the people of our country.”

After his speech, Americans took to social media to express their reaction to the mention of Kenya in his speech.