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These ridiculous ‘trips’ are Nairobi schools’ newest extortion scheme

Parents in Nairobi have raised concerns over a worrying trend that is seeing schools compelling children to pay exorbitantly for school trips that are not worthy of such amounts of cash.

It all started when a parent vented out on social media how he had been asked by a school to pay Sh2,000 for his daughter to go on a school trip.

The shocking bit was that the school trip would only take the school children to Thika Road Mall along Thika Superhighway.

Another screenshot of a typed out letter from a school requesting parents to pay Sh2,300 for a junior school trip to Two Rivers Mall has also gone viral.

The letter explains the objective of the trip being promoting local tourism, enhancing practical approach in learning and having fun by playing educational games and enjoying rides.

The two posts have attracted varied reactions from the online community with more parents sharing their experiences similarly being asked to pay exorbitant amounts for what they say are ‘ridiculous’ trips.