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Psss. Traffic police imposters on the prowl

Beware.  That traffic police officer asking you to stop your car at night could be an imposter on a carjacking mission.

Nairobi County Police Commandant Benson Kibui warns that armed carjackers dressed in police uniforms are on the prowl in the city.

He said the carjackers, who prey on unsuspecting motorists, operate in Parklands, Westlands, along Mombasa road, Embakasi and other parts of Eastlands.

“We have sampled most of the complaints and our observations are that the carjackers could be operating in a group. There could be someone we suspect to be a rogue police officer at the center of it all,” Mr Kibui said.

Two weeks ago, a female motorist and her friend were carjacked along Parklands’ Mutama road by three armed men posing as police officers.

The carjackers stopped them, as a traffic police officer would, and then forced themselves into the car.

They then drove to the city centre where they forced the owner of the car to transfer Sh23,000 from her Mpesa account.

They later dumped them in Embakasi after robbing them of other valuables including ATM cards.

Separately, another motorist was robbed of US $ 11,000 Sh935, 000) by three armed men also posing as police officers.

The attackers, armed with pistols and carrying police radios, stopped Nicholas Nganga along the Kiserian-Ongata Rongai road.

They forced him into their car and drove away with him to Matasia where they robbed him of the cash.