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Traffic marshal in handcuff drama as driver protests arrest

A city county traffic marshal found herself attracting the wrath of the public on the last day of 2015 after she handcuffed a motorist for a traffic offence.

The man in a grey private car had committed an infringement on Kimathi Street and the traffic marshal forced herself into his car in an attempt to charge him for the offence.

On reaching Moi Avenue, however, the driver stopped the car and refused to burge, prompting the marshal to handcuff him.

The incident attracted a huge crowd of Nairobians who demanded that either the man be freed or be charged with the traffic offence.

“This man is not a thief, why are you handcuffing him?” asked the angry crowd.

“What was the woman doing in his car in the first place?” asked another.

As the crowd grew and spilled onto the road in the 10.30 am incident outside The Bazaar, four officers on patrol intervened.

After a heated exchange, one of them coaxed the motorist to move from the back seat of his car. He then removed the handcuffs.

“This is my car,” the man said, when asked by an onlooker if he was being arrested for stealing.

The four police officers then got into the man’s car and they drove towards the nearby Central Police station.

A man in the crowd had scrawled the words “f*** police” on the back of the car.