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Trader claims life in danger after suing Waititu

A businessman who stopped the appointment of former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu into the Athi Water Services Board has claimed that his life is in danger.

Mr Benson Ritho said that after filing the suit, he had been receiving threatening messages on his mobile phone and ‘strange characters’ had been trailing him.

As a result, he had been spending nights away from his home, he said.

“But I will not be deterred… Let them know that there are people who can still stand and are willing to shed blood for the truth,” he said.

Mr Ritho claimed gangsters recently shot at  him.  While who his attackers were, he said he can could not completely rule out the possibility that it may have something to do with the Waititu suit.

“It is a matter I have reported to the police and they have promised to investigate. I believe they will get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

Apart from the new case pitting him against Mr Waititu, the businessman also has other pending land cases against the former MP and the MP for Rangwe, Mr George Oner.