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Sh1m tyre: Top 5 most outrageous ‘supplies’ in Season Two of NYS scandal

Following the premiere of ‘Season Two’ of the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal, preliminary investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have revealed an intricate web of how several shadowy companies pocketed billions of shillings through dubious supplies.

In total, NYS is reported to have lost a staggering Sh9 billion under unclear circumstances in the latest scam.

A team set up by DCI boss George Konoti last week to investigate the graft have established that NYS dished out cash for non existent supplies at outrageous costs.

It has been reported that all the firms received full payment of the purchases between the months of May to December 2018.

1. Mosquito nets supply worth Sh20 million
One of the firm that was to supply mosquito nets was paid a whopping Sh20 million by NYS despite not having a physical address of their offices.

2. Towels supply worth Sh20 million
Another briefcase company was paid Sh20 million for the supply of towels with each piece given a quotation of Sh100,000 as compared to Sh800 the towels go for on the higher end in the Kenyan market.

3. Blankets supply worth Sh 40 million
A company contracted to supply 3,000 blankets was paid Sh 40million with each blanketed quoted at Sh13,333 as opposed to the normal rates that range between Sh1,500 and Sh3,000 for the same item.

4. Car tyres supply worth Sh100 million
Another firm under investigation is said to have been paid a 100 million for the supply of 100 tryes with each unit priced at  a million shillings. This is despite  a car tyre in the Kenyan market retailing  between Ksh3,000 to Ksh20,000 depending on the brand one opts for.

5. Spare parts supply worth Sh200 million
The investigations also revealed that another firm was paid Sh200 million to supply motor graders spare parts.

In light of this, questions are being asked how the Central bank of Kenya failed to raise the red flag over the suspicious movement of large sums of money despite being notified by  commercial banks.

This is despite, CBK coming up with new set up guidelines requiring anyone wishing to withdraw Sh1 million or more from any bank to fill a form stating the source of the funds, reason of withdrawal and identity of the beneficiaries, after the first NYS scandal of 2016.