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Top 10 handset launches for 2014

Techno Phantom Z
The device was launched in Kenya in June, months before the manufacturer launched it in Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana which are the markets for Techno. The device was received well in the market especially due to its introductory price that was lower than other high-end phones.

Nokia X
The handset was launched in March targeting its former customers who preferred android phones and moved to other brands. The Nokia X which is built on android open source project allows users to access apps from both the Nokia store as well as apps from third party stores.

Samsung Galaxy S5
The phone was launched in Nairobi in April among the interesting features the phone manufacturer included in the latest s series was ensuring it was dust and water resistant and has a finger scanner embedded in the home key.

iPhone 6
The phone was launched globally in October and weeks later telecommunication company Airtel announced that it will be retailing the new handset in its outlets.

Sony Xperia Z2
The device was launched globally in April but was availed to the Kenyan market in June. The latest Sony handset is much faster than most smartphones in the market and enjoys a smart metal finish.

HTC One M8
This was launched in April giving clients an improved version of the company’s 2013 HTC One.

Huawei Ascend P7
The phone was launched in July in Nairobi and is the slimmest 4G enabled phone. Kenya’s launch as the third globally making the country a preferred market for manufacturers.

The phone was locally launched in September becoming the world’s first QHD phone which comes with the highest resolution ever for a cell phone.

Blackberry Z3
It was launched earlier in the year with the manufacturer reviving the QWERTY keyboard the brand is known for.

Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1320
Both phones were launched on the same day in January with the 1320 being a bit smaller than the 1520. Both phablets became the first six inch Lumia devices to be manufactured by Nokia.