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To Thugge, money is in VMS

The world has finally agreed on one thing; mobile telephony is here to stay.

This is because the mobile phone has emerged as the ultimate communication and working gadget; complete with a camera, and video recorder and in most cases, a virtual office with the software we need to get our work done.

It is, therefore, not surprising when mobile technology becomes a booming business as entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves in a bid to tap into the potential of this fast-growing market.

One such businessman is George Thugge, CEO of Top Brands and exclusive distributor of VMS (Video Message Service) East Africa.


VMS is best described as “the third product in the trilogy SMS, MMS and VMS” for mobile phones.

It is termed The Next Generation Messaging for mobile telephony after the SMS and MMS (Multi-Media Service) and supports videos of up to five minutes, unlike MMS, which is for fewer minutes.

“Imagine a way to communicate your messages with more expression and feeling. Something that could take minutes to describe in text can be explained in a few seconds in a video. That’s VMS,” said Thugge.

Nominated for the “Mobile business model and Entertainment App” at the prestigious Golden Mobile Award 2010, this new technology traces its roots to Sweden, a country known for its phenomenal tech innovations such as Skype and Erickson.

It was designed by Swedish engineers and has been launched in several countries including US, Indonesia, Philippines and Mexico.

This new technology works on all smart phones and 3G-based mobile phones and can be used directly without any client downloads.

“If you have a smart phone or a 3G enabled phone, go to the market (Android, iPhone, Blackberry) and search VMS.

“You will download it for free then follow the simple, straightforward instructions. Give your mobile phone number and country, thereafter you will receive an activation code,” said Thugge.

Share videos

You can instantly share your video with any of your contacts. Videos are pushed directly from and to your mobile phone hassle free.

But as Thugge explained, VMS is more than a message service between people. VMS is a three-pronged product, which not only allows you to send and receive personalised videos, but also allows you to send mass messages.

This is useful for companies that want to get in touch directly with their clients.