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CITY GIRL: I am tired of working under men; time to change positions

Something remarkably historic happened this week. Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, making her the first woman in 227 years.

As she inches closer to being first female president of the US, the magnitude of this moment in history is not lost on me.

This much I know; Hillary would not have won if she did not have the support of women around here and across America.

May Hillary’s victory be a resounding bell to all the women in the world that they can never and will never progress unless they have the support of their fellow women.

But I am reminded of a bitter truth. It is against the nature of women to support each other. Women are generally not nice to each other. Let us not lie to each other here with all our hugs, air kisses and surprise baby showers. The way we are wired, cultured, socialised and brought up, is to compete and compare against the next woman and show her who is boss.


Look at men. Men are cool. Easy. They bump each other’s cars and two weekends later, they are ‘boys’. They defend each other so fiercely to each other’s girlfriends and spouses, and hardly tell on each other.

I am sure you’ve heard this joke of a man who failed to come home one night and when the wife called 10 of his ‘boys’, five said he had slept over at their houses, three said he was still there, the other two confirmed they had dropped him home that night, even if none of them had seen the man that week. That is loyalty, right there.

But not so with women. And this is why it has taken the world a whopping 227 years to realise the possibility of a female US president.

I know there are other factors such as it was only until 1920 when women in the US were allowed to vote, but you’ll agree with me that one of the primary impediments that took Hillary this long is simple — women simply do not watch out for each other.

Mean girls morph into meaner women and “queen-bee” bosses. We spend hours poring over social media — Facebook and Instagram — stalking our friends, to jeer at whoever is doing better than you and secretly rejoice at one who is not so successful. Why are we like this?


You’d think that with all our fancy degrees, this would change, especially in the corporate world. That women would look out for each other in the corporate world and help each other up, but that’s just City Girl dreaming.

As we are busy tearing each other down and plotting each other’s downfall, the men take over — even if we are more qualified and experienced because we simply cannot stand a woman who seems better than us. Truth.

Of course, I am not blind to the fact that there are some women mentoring others but this is the exception, not the rule.

Women need to grow up and stop being so petty, so malicious and so cantankerous. So what if there is a younger woman in your office who needs help? Help her!

We must spread this cheer from coast to coast and learn from the US that you lose nothing from helping a younger, weaker, less-advantaged woman.

The path has already been beaten for us, this thing is doable. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of working under men, it is time to change positions.