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Tina Kagia speaks out on nasty breakup with comedian JB Masanduku

Radio Presenter Tina Kagia left her matrimonial home early last year after breaking up with her husband comedian Nathan Kimani aka JB Masanduku.

Ms Kagia, in an interview with a local newspaper, Ms Kagia revealed sensational details of her rocky three year marriage to the comedian that had at some point made her feel suicidal.

The two wedded in 2014 at a private ceremony that was preceded by a civil ceremony at the Attorney General’s chambers. The couple has two children.

Ms Kagia said she is now finalizing her divorce.


In the interview, she claimed the marriage failed to work because JB Masanduku neglected her, manipulated and lied everyday.

She narrated how the mess in her marriage and, the anger she had been bottling up, made her crumble inside to the point she started drinking heavily.

Her father had tried to intervene and help during the hard times, praying, convincing the couple to go through counselling and even sending JB’s friends to talk to him.

Eventually, when the mental strain became unbearable, she took a break from radio and became inaccessible, with only family being able to see her.


“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point,” she reveals.

It was not until the beginning of this year that she felt she could face the world, although insomnia remains a problem.

“I had to go through physical de-cluttering since almost everything I had brought back memories of our time together. I gave out most of my clothes and had to pick out new ones from my sister,” she said.