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Three perish, scores injured in Ndenderu smash-up

Three people have died and tens others injured following an accident involving more than a dozen vehicles along Limuru road in Kiambu county.

The incident occurred near the Wangige-Ndenderu junction when a truck ferrying sand from Limuru rammed into several vehicles.

Witnesses said that the brakes of the Isuzu truck seemed to have failed as the sound of the horn preceded crashing sounds.

Police officials said only 12 vehicles, including two trucks and a motorcycle, were involved in the accident.

“The lorry startled people when it passed over the rumble strips nearby without slowing down,” said Lilian Njoki, a resident who witnessed the accident.

“The next thing I saw is cars flying to both sides of the road as the lorry passed through them before finally tipping over onto the side of the road,” she added.

One of the two adults who died on the spot was travelling in the Isuzu truck, while an unidentified child is said to have died upon arrival at a hospital in Tigoni.

Other casualties were rushed to nearby hospitals including Kihara and Kiambu Hospital. Two ambulances from the Kenyatta National Hospital were also at the scene.


Five hours after the crash, wreckages of cars were still being cleared and towed away.

The tarmac road was stained with blood, oil, water, shattered glass, shoes, pieces of cloth and a few sacks of vegetables.

One of the vehicles involved in the accident was a police land-cruiser, which was hit at the back and veered off the road.

Other vehicles include a Toyota Platz, Toyota Corolla Station Wagon, Nissan Murano, Toyota Allyon, Toyota Fielder, Toyota Probox and a Mitsubishi Truck.

Kiambu Deputy OCPD Johnstone Lyambila said the actual cause of the accident is yet to be established.

“All we know at the moment is that the lorry was ferrying sand from Limuru and failed to stop at the intersection. It hit he cars which were waiting to make the turn,” he said.