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Three Kenyan women had oral sex on car roof as crowd cheered

The online community is in shock after video clips of three naked Kenyan women performing sexual acts were shared on social media.

The incident happened at a yet to be known location.

Three women are seen gyrating to hip hop music before undressing each other on top of a blue car.

They lie down and engage in oral sex.

The explicit videos, which Nairobi News cannot publish, show the three girls clad in just bras as they entertain onlookers.


At some point, they can be seen throwing their undergarments to the amused crowd. Most of the onlookers were drinking alcohol.

The seven video clips show the three women engaging in self-pleasure and touching their partners’ genitals.

The women can be seen receiving money from the crowd.

The women were not bothered by the cameras directed their way.

The female crew is believed to have been hired from one of the many strip clubs that dot Nairobi for the weekend escapade.