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Three girls busted in Nakuru love nest after sneaking from school – VIDEO

Police in Nakuru have rescued three schoolgirls who have been cohabiting with a man for three days.

Acting on a tip off from members of the public, the officers raided the culprit’s home in Mwariki estate earlier this afternoon where they found the secondary school girls aged between 16 and 17.

They later arrested the man in question, Mr Job Ochieng, a flower trader in Nakuru town. The suspect and the three girls are being held at Bondeni Police Station.

The girls are said to have sneaked out of school using fake leave out permits and have been in the house for three days.

Curious residents who spotted them in school uniforms belonging to St Marks Eldonio High School in Bahati reported the matter to the police.

Speaking after the arrest, the girls claimed they left school on Monday after they were sent home by the management over school fees arrears and ended up at the suspect’s house.

Mwariki-A sub-location assistant chief Mr Joseph Macharia said neighbours reported to his office about the man who was living with three schoolgirls in school uniforms.


“When we called their parents, they claimed that their children were in school and they had no information on their sneaking. The parents came and identified their children,” the assistant chief said at the Flamingo AP post.

Police had a hard time trying to control the irate parents. They were forced to perform first aid on one of the parents who fainted as she was unable to control her emotions.

The culprit, Mr Ochieng, who sells flowers in Nakuru town claimed he decided to host all the three as one of them was his girlfriend and has been coming to his house.

He said that such cases where adults cohabit with minors in the area were common in the area.

The chief decried lapses in the school’s management, after it emerged that the leave out sheet, which the girls produced, was a photocopy that had not been signed by any teacher.

He blamed the school for not being careful on the whereabouts of the students while they were supposed to be in its care.

“It’s the responsibility of the teachers to call the parents to inform them that their children have left school,” he said.