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This woman’s New Year resolution has gone viral

A tweep by Ms Matei has gone viral because of her hilarious New Year resolution on love matters.

She tweeted how she would not be taking any break ups next year and will share her love in case her lover has none left.

Ms Matei’s tweet has been retweeted over 1,100 times and attracted over 100 comments so far.

The entrepreneur said she had enough heartbreaks in 2018 and is not ready for more next year.

James Kimani replied; “Only if everyone was like you, there could be no divorces.”

Afolabi Obadiah wondered; “What if your data finish along the line.”

James Muigai commented; “Huyu dem labda akona wifi ya NASA ya 100GBPS.”

Victor wrote; “You finished me at the end… Ati Hotspot you ???.”

Hassan Temba added; “You must have strong WiFi.”

Prince John Kiilu stated; “In love with that sentiment.”