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Who is this man, Justice David Maraga?

In his personal profile, Chief Justice David Maraga describes himself as a God fearing person who believes in and endeavours to do justice to all, irrespective of their status in society.

During his vetting for the Chief Justice post before the Sharad-Rao board, Justice Maraga was commended for punctuality, the seriousness with which he conducts cases before him and his overall control of the court.

Kenyans who watched the presidential petition filed by Raila Odinga will attest that Mr Maraga would not condone any disruptions.

He was always in charge and lawyers who argued before the Supreme Court strictly followed his directives.

He kept checking the clock to ensure that no lawyer exceeded the time allocated to them.

Mr Maraga says he has a great passion for upholding the rule of law, “which is an essential ingredient for social justice, political stability and economic development”.

The father of three was admitted as an advocate more than 38 years ago.

Before he was appointed Kenya’s second Chief Justice under the new constitution, Mr Maraga had served as judge of both the High Court and Court of Appeal for about 13 years.


The Seventh Day Adventist adherent holds a Masters of Law Degree (LLM) from the University of Nairobi and a bachelor of Law degree from the same University.

During the interviews for the top position, Mr Maraga did not hide to the panel the fact that he would not work on Sabbath Day.

True to his word, when it came to hearing the petition by Mr Odinga, he did not sit as promised.

The court had to wait until sunset on Saturday, August 19, to commence the hearing of the case, despite the strict timelines.

Mr Maraga beat 12 other contestants to emerge tops in the race to succeed Dr Willy Mutunga, after scoring 84 marks.

The 65-year-old judge previously served as a judge of the High Court in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Nairobi.

And before joining the bench, Mr Maraga practised as an advocate in Nakuru.

Mr Maraga is an elder and also serves as the Bible-Study leader of the church.


Just a day before his nomination, Justice Maraga had handed a report on a fellow judge whom he investigated over corruption to President Kenyatta.

The tribunal he chaired found Judge Joseph Mutava culpable of misconduct and recommended to the president for his removal.

Mr Maraga also chaired the judiciary’s committee on election preparedness, which was tasked with finding pitfalls from previous election petition hearings.

The committee made recommendations among them, the increase of time for the hearing of the presidential petition, but Parliament shot down the proposal.

The committee had recommended 30 days to hear and determine the petition.

The CJ is credited for defending the Judiciary with zeal, saying: “Those who listen to me frequently know that I like stressing that we, as the Judiciary, are not the third arm of government, but one of the three arms of government with equal stature and grit as the other two.”

He also told off politicians from both Nasa and Jubilee, for constant attacks on judges, whenever they lose cases.

The CJ said judges and the Judiciary at large, will not cower under the intimidating tactics.