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This is how Lake Turkana and Fort Jesus appear from the space

Rare photos of two of Kenya’s historic landmarks as seen from the outer space have surfaced on social media thanks to the first Italian woman living on space, Samantha Cristoforetti.

Cristoforetti took breathtaking images of Fort Jesus and the Lake Turkana region from space, which were subsequently posted on Twitter.

Fort Jesus from space
Fort Jesus from space

The exceptional photo of Fort Jesus was taken on February 5, 2015 and was captioned:

“Hello #Kenya! Fort Jesus, in Mombasa, is a 16th century Portuguese military fortification and a #Worldheritage site!”

The one of Lake Turkana region was posted on February 3, 2015 under the caption:

“Hello #Kenya! We passed over the Lake Turkana region, here’s a view from #space!”

Cristoforetti is an Italian European space agency astronaut, Italian air force pilot and engineer. She has been living on the International Space Station (ISS) since November 23, 2014 with two other astronauts and will make her journey back in May 2015.

The spacecraft carrying Cristoforetti and her colleagues launched from Kazakhstan and landed at the international space station roughly six hours later.

The distance from earth to the space station is 431 kilometers, about the same distance from Nairobi to Mombasa, 482.9 kilometers.