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Thirsty Kenyan women drool over IEBC CEO Ezra ‘ChiloBae’

The IEBC Chief Executive Office Ezra Chiloba, lately a common face on TV as he delivers updates on the election tallying process, is gaining fame for reasons far from his job description.

He has become an object of fascination for female netizens known for their penchant to ‘Kula Kwa Macho’. They have been busy sharing notes on the man’s handsome features.

A search of Ezra Chiloba on Google prompts hints at what previous searchers have been searching. These include queries on Ezra Chiloba’s curriculum vitae, age, salary, wife, wedding, date of birth, home among others.

Screenshots of the searches, and which have been shared widely on social media, show netizens drooling over the IEBC CEO, commenting how he is the real definition of tall, dark and handsome.