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Robin List: Thirsty Kenyan wives busted falling for fake marriage offer

Kenyan women who were willing to abandon their husbands and children and elope with a ‘German man’ have been exposed online.

The women had on Thursday evening responded to a marriage offer by a man who masqueraded on Facebook as a German doctor looking for a Kenyan woman to marry.

The man, who identified himself as Robin Johnson, invited interested women to engage him in a chat ahead of his visit to Kenya.

Some of the women who responded to the offer, it emerged, are already married and with children. They readily gave him their mobile numbers as soon as they started chatting on Facebook messenger.

To their shock, they woke up on Friday to find screenshots of their romantic messages to the mzungu shared on the Kilimani Mums and Dads Facebook group. The screenshots showed their respective accounts and family photos.



The women became the subject of online bashing for expressing interest in a ‘German’ man while still married to Kenyan husbands.

There were unconfirmed reports of wives dumped by husbands on Friday after their names were posted on Facebook in the now infamous Robin list.

The fake German doctor shared screenshots of all the messages sent to him by the thirsty Kenyan women.

As women descended on his account to hurl insults, he wrote in Swahili, “Ukiachwa na bwanako achika!!!wacha kuniletea bile ,,stupid whores…???.”

Members of the Kilimani Mums and Dads Facebook group are now exposing the women who inboxed Robin, tagging and asking them why they were willing to abandon their husbands and children for another man.

Most of the women listed in the Robin list have since deleted their Facebook accounts. The phone numbers they gave out have also been switched off, save for one city mum who talked to Nairobi News.


“I’m not even on Kilimani Mums. It was my niece who inboxed my number with her account. I have received all sorts of calls with people abusing me for giving out my number to a mzungu yet it was my niece who says she did so unawares,” the mum told Nairobi News.

The niece explained; “I was searching my aunt’s number online and somehow it found its way in the inbox.”

Another user on the list told her followers that her Facebook account had been hacked and urged them to ignore any messages sent to them.