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Watch notorious thief stealing phone inside cyber cafe – VIDEO

Nairobians are hunting for a man who has been caught in several CCTV footages stealing from shop attendants.

Apparently, the man has been caught on tape severally stealing phones from inattentive shop attendants, the latest case being last week.

In this latest incident, the man distracts a cyber attendant with a huge document to photocopy as he plots the robbery.

In the six-minute video dated June 17, the man, clad in a blue checked shirt and grey trousers, is captured waiting patiently for about four minutes before eventually stealing the phone from a counter inside the cyber cafe.

The man takes his time to get hold of the phone. After making several failed attempts, he resorts to using some documents to shield his hands as he quickly grabs the phone.

The thief then pockets the phone and arranges his documents in readiness to leave the cyber café but not before notifying the attendant that he is stepping out and will be back for his photocopied documents.

The video has been shared over 1700 times online as the search for the thief goes on.

In the first incident caught on tape last year, the same man is seen stealing what looks like a phone as his accomplice distracts the shop attendant in the pretext of buying what looks like phone covers.

Shortly after he grabs the phone and pockets it, his accomplice signals the attendant to stop the search for the preferred phone cover and the two leave the shop.

The video which dates back to last year and was circulated over 1200 times in the hope that someone would identify the men.