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The People’s Voices Sept 27, 2013

Attack cowardly. The Saturday terror attack at the Westgate Mall in Westlands during which more than 60 innocent lives were wasted , was a cowardly act by the Somali militants, Al-Shabaab, remarks Patrick W. Ndege.

Sending his “heartfelt condolences” to the families than lost their loved ones,  Patrick also to the more than 1,000 Kenyans and foreigners injured in the dastardly incident.

“Terrorism is the work of a cowardly lot and must be condemned by all who cherish peace.”


Just keep off. When will Kenyans learn to keep off crime scenes? Asks Peter Wandabwa, saying he was shocked to see crowds gathering outside Westgate Mall as the heavily armed gangsters continued to slaughter their victims.

To make matters worse, pleas from the police and the military for the onlookers to go away from the vicinity fell on deaf ears.

In the end police had to lobe tear gas at them to keep them at a safe distance.

“You can imagine the mess had the terrorists turned their guns on the mob! We should not be that casual with our security.”


Don’t blame Islam. The temptation to blame the Westgate massacre on Islam or Muslims will be helping the devious people behind it to realise their goal, warns James Mukuria, adding: Kenyans beware! Whereas terrorists are evil, they are not foolish. Every act is well planned, and all the consequences anticipated.

In the case of the Al-Shabaab, the aim is clearly to cause bad blood between Christians and Muslims in Kenya.

The attackers are simply terrorists hiding behind Islam. Non Muslims must not fall into the well-laid trap. True Islam has nothing to do with this heinous attack


This is a wake up call . The Westgate killings should be a wake-up call to the reality that terrorism is, indeed, with us, says Samsam Oresi.

The authorities and security agencies should not relent in the fight against terrorists.

However, he adds, citizens too must play their role by being vigilant at all times to blow the cover of those harbouring terrorists.

According to him, Al-Shabaab activities and their financiers are active in real estate and commerce.

“The time to flush them out is now.”


Tribal staff. The Teacher Service Commission has a clear role in the declining standard of education, charges Dan Nyaga.

The reason, he adds, has a lot to do with staffing, as about 90 per cent of P1 teachers are posted to their home counties, where vernacular is widely used.

“All the subjects, except Kiswahili, are tested in English, which is rarely spoken by pupils. Why can’t we have Luo teachers in central Kenya and Kikuyu in western?”

His contact is [email protected]


It’s in our blood. Graft is in the DNA of most Kenyans and they seem proud of it, claims Gilbert Gedi, adding that the level of education does not change anything.

We are corrupt through and through. Yes, the government will pay me Sh1 million salary, but I will still make a false claim of Sh10, 000. We are corrupt and it is not necessarily about needing money; it is a psychological disorder.

If you wish to confirm this, just ask any Kenyan whether he knows a friend or a relative who is corrupt and he will say no and yet he knows.”