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The people’s voices October 1, 2013

Repair this road. The Kenya Urban Roads Authority should repair a terribly dilapidated road at Embakasi or just allow the residents to do so, says Kamau Kiniaru.

The road which now resembles the lunar surface runs between the KQ Centre and the Embakasi depot of the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa).

“Wake up Kura! The road has been so badly neglected that some people have started dumping trash in it,” he moans. His contact is [email protected]


Arm security guards. Having seen the TV footage of private, licensed gun-holders who kept the terrorists at bay in the initial stages of the raid at Westgate Mall, Kennedy Butiko says the time has come to arm security companies’ guards.

The firms, he adds, could give the weapons to employees who have military training so that should such incidents occur again, they could fight back with more powerful weapons than the pistols the civilians used. His contact is [email protected]


Fee not illegal. The cost of administering an examination starts at the registration and ends at  certification, says the Kenya National Examinations Council in response to Ruth Gituma’s query on whether or not they charge a fee to confirm results.

Frida Were, the head of public communications at Knec, says requests for confirmation of results are additional  service for which the council charges Sh2,000 if made locally and Sh3,000 if from oversees. “Visit,” Frida advises.


Loan woes. A school teacher of 16 years, Perpetua Barto is shocked the Higher Loans Education Board wants her to pay her loan afresh.

Perpetua was employed by the Teacher Service Commission in March 1992 (TSC No278204) and Sh751 was deducted from her pay every month until she cleared her loan.

But on going to Helb to check the status of her loan she was told she owed Sh350,000, and that her new employer should remit deductions.

“Why should I be punished for TSC’s failure to remit the money?” Her contact is [email protected]


Check this out. Can Ben Chumo, Kenya Power CEO, please, shed some light on this one? Edith Muriuki, a resident of Eastleigh Section three, says they have been experiencing blackouts daily. without fail since the beginning of last month.

The electricity always goes off between 7pm and 9pm with surprising precision on Eighth Street.

“But after the power is finally restored, it still flickers on and off for ten minutes. What could be going on?” Edith asks.


Still building them. The construction of footbridges on the Thika Superhighway has not being completed, says Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) corporate affairs manager Charles Njogu.

Though there are 18 footbridges, another 10 will be built soon. “Road bumps have also been constructed on demand from  nearby residential estates to avoid any mishaps.

However, the use of footbridges is very negligible as people have been crossing the road even after trying to discourage them with metal beam crash barriers and railings.