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The People’s Voices, November 4, 2013

Curb the noise. Why would Unep, a key United Nations agency that advocates order, be complicit in something that give residents in its neighbourhood sleepless nights? Asks S.Khan.

For nearly 10 nights, she complains the noise emanating from some construction within its premises has made it almost impossible for the people to have any sleep. “Whenever we call to complain, we are told they are building a dias for an upcoming expo. All I can say someone had been sleeping on the job and giving us sleepless nights.”


Billboard in good taste. The erection of a new billboard featuring a good-looking woman and fully dressed TV personality is a breath of fresh air for Jane Muthoni, coming soon after the outcry of the one of a nude celebrity. The advert at the Uhuru Highway roundabout near the Railway Club, she adds, “is the most beautiful” she has seen recently. “I will definitely be adding a few Dettol products to my shopping to support the worthy Turkana cause they are sponsoring.” Her contact is [email protected]

Dad doesn’t owe Helb. Though her father has never borrowed from the Higher Education Loans Board either for himself or any of his children, Dafina Kimini moans, money has been deducted from his salary to service a non-existent loan.


The old man has written to the Helb several times complaining about this, but has not received a reply. For the details Dafina can be reached through Tel 0701574458 or [email protected]

Check these matatus. Transport Secretary Michael Kamau was probably talking about the future when he suggested it would be a good idea to have buses and matatus carry standing passengers, but this is already happening on some routes, says Evans Kamau.

He definitely meant this would be possible once the transport infrastructure is modernised, but matatu crews on Mombasa Road, it seems, have decided not to wait for that. The vehicles ply the Athi River-Mlolongo-city centre route.

Raffle not fair. Safaricom’s ‘Bonyeza Ushinde’ promotion may be over now, but it has left a bitter taste in subscriber Steve Njogu’s mouth. He is still not convinced that is was fair to award a single person the grand prize of a whopping Sh10 million in cash plus a pick-up, and yet more than 10 million people took part in the competition.

“I wish Safaricom had split the cash prize  into two or more and given the pick-up to another person. Next time, be fair to all,” he pleads.

Not impressed either. Also not impressed with the way the popular raffle was carried out is David Ngundah. According to him, it would have made a lot of sense to also award those who answered correctly most of the questions given in the competition every day.

To be able to participate every day, he adds, some of the subscribers had to forgo their lunch, spending at least Sh50.

“I think it is only fair that they should have got something for taking part in ‘Bonyeza.'”