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The People’s Voice November 08, 2013

Soldiers are Kenyans. The looting of the Westgate Mall after the military broke the bloody siege by the Al-Shabaab militants is hardly surprising, notes Stephen Masambu, adding: “Its just a manifestation of how our society is.”

Whenever a road accident occurs, he adds, people rush to the scene, not necessarily to help the victims, but to steal from them. “People end up losing personal effects. Let’s not accuse the military, as they are just part of the society.” His contacts is [email protected]


We must be careful. On learning of the US strike in Somalia, apparently in retaliation for the Westgate shopping mall attack, Kezia Omide wonders whether the Kenyan security is prepared for any possible consequences.

“Most security personnel have gone back to relaxed mode and yet terrorists are still in our country living in the estates in towns and in refugee camps. They can bribe at our border points and pay for transport to infiltrate refugee camps. Is the government serious? We shall pay the price again.”


Not all bad news. After the unfortunate fire that gutted the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Bharati Savani reckons that service has improved. He had gone to see his sister off who was travelling to Mumbai and says he was met by students wearing T-shirts which read “I have a licence to show kindness.”

All were eager to help passengers carry their bags to the departure area. There was a huge queue which he thought would take two hours, but was surprised that it only took 15 minutes for his sister to be served at the check out counter. The efficiency of the airport was commendable, he says.


Check these matatus. Transport Secretary Michael Kamau was probably talking about the future when he suggested it would be a good idea to have buses and matatus carry standing passengers, but this is already happening on some routes, says Evans Kamau.

“He definitely meant this would be possible once the transport infrastructure is modernised, but matatu crews on Mombasa Road, it seems have decided not to wait for that. The vehicles ply the Athi River-Mlolongo-city centre route.


Honchos behaving badly. Do the big people in government ever mean what they say on road safety? Wonders Charly Omondi, following a hair raising encounter in Nairobi’s city centre on Friday, at 9pm.

Charly was left shell-shocked when two GK vehicles, one carrying a boss and a chase car, zoomed into Harambee Avenue from Tumbo Avenue, without a care in the world, almost ramming his. “As if that was not bad enough, they drove on the wrong side at Parliament Buildings…and, you guessed right, police officers just waved them on.


Waiting for IEBC. During the March 4 election, Joshua Mwenda worked diligently for the IEBC as a constituency logistics assistant and delivered what was expected of him amid serious challenges at the time. But once the job was done, the IEBC apparently lost interest in him and as a result he has not being paid his dues.

He has followed up the matter several times only to be told the money has not been released to pay him and his colleagues. “How much longer shall we have to wait,” asks Joshua, whose contact is Tel. 07128881211 or [email protected]