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The People’s voices November 1, 2013

Stop behaving like children. The spectacle of top professionals in the Judiciary behaving like school children trading accusations, is saddening, says Lucy Wahito.

The people, who should set a good example for others in good governance, she finds, have been endlessly engaging in finger-pointing “and yet they are schooled in professional ethics taught in universities and colleges.”

Lucy is disappointed that these professionals in the justice delivery system “cannot solve their problems without such drama.”


Kimaiyo, you’re wrong. Like many other Kenyans, Chris Macloo is outraged by the behaviour of security chiefs, especially Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo.

“They were caught flat footed as terrorists killed innocent Kenyans. They have contradicted one another at every opportunity. They were shamefully clueless before, during and after the Westgate Mall attack. Now, Mr Kimaiyo is summoning journalists over information published. He should carry out his duties professionally, without attempting to please anybody.”


Picking wrong quarrel. IGP Kimaiyo would be better advised to marshal all the resources at his disposal to prevent further terrorist attacks and fight corruption in the force instead of engaging in needless fights with the media, Wamuhia Mahiu advises.

Terror and graft, he says, are twin evils undermining national security. “Try and deal with these instead of starting a press war you can never win,” he advises.


Repair this road. The Kenya Urban Roads Authority should repair a terribly dilapidated road at Embakasi or just allow the residents to do so, says Kamau Kiniaru.

The road which now resembles the lunar surface runs between the KQ Centre and the Embakasi depot of the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa). “Wake up Kura! The road has been so badly neglected that some people have started dumping trash in it,” he moans. His contact is [email protected]


Arm security guards. Having seen the TV footage of private, licensed gun-holders who kept the terrorists at bay in the initial stages of the raid at Westgate Mall, Kennedy Butiko says the time has come to arm security companies’ guards.

The firms, he adds, could give the weapons to employees who have military training so that should such incidents occur again, they could fight back with more powerful weapons than the pistols the civilians used. Nairobians, he says, should not be caught unprepared again.


Still building them . The construction of footbridges on the Thika Superhighway has not being completed, says Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) corporate affairs manager Charles Njogu.

Though there are 18 footbridges, another 10 will be put up soon. “Road bumps have also been constructed on demand from nearby residential estates to avoid any mishaps. However people need to start using the footbridges.