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The People’s Champion November 20, 2013

It is a national disaster. The government should immediately declare road accidents a national disaster so that the deadly menace can be tackled with the seriousness it deserves, says Patrick Ndege.

No doubt touched by the recent collision of a train and a matatu in which 12 people died in Nairobi’s Eastlands, he adds: “The frequency with which fatal accidents are occurring is alarming.” He would like to see more done to curb the needless deaths on the roads. His contact is [email protected]


Curb the noise. Why would Unep, a key United Nations agency that advocates order, be complicit in something that give residents in its neighbourhood sleepless nights? asks S.Khan.

For nearly 10 nights, she complains the noise emanating from some construction within its premises has made it almost impossible for the people to have any sleep. “Whenever we call to complain, we are told they are building a dias for an upcoming expo. All I can say someone had been sleeping on the job and giving us sleepless nights


Billboard in good taste. The erection of a new billboard featuring a good-looking woman and fully dressed TV personality is a breath of fresh air for Jane Muthoni, coming soon after the outcry of the one of a nude celebrity.

The advert at the Uhuru Highway roundabout near the Railway Club, she adds, “is the most beautiful” she has seen recently. “I will definitely be adding a few Dettol products to my shopping to support the worthy Turkana cause they are sponsoring.” Her contact is [email protected]


Utalii underused. The leading training institution in the hotel and hospitality industry in the country is not doing enough to take advantage of its key position to boost its revenues, remarks James Githinji.

Just like other profitable public and private ventures, he adds, Utalii should by now have extended its presence by opening hotels and lodges around the country, and also set up satellite campuses in other towns to offer more training opportunities to youths.


Tinted windows. As the government pushes for the Nyumba Kumi initiative, the issue of tinted windows should not be ignored, Dave Mungai says. He argues that it is no use for the government to ask Kenyans to flush out suspects around their homes yet cars with tinted windows abound on the streets, with no one being able to see who is inside and what is going on in there.

He says most kidnap victims have said their abductors’ vehicles were fully tinted and adds that terrorists also use such vehicles.


Repair this road. The Kenya Urban Roads Authority should repair a terribly dilapidated road at Embakasi or just allow the residents to do so, says Kamau Kiniaru. The road which now resembles the lunar surface runs between the KQ Centre and the Embakasi depot of the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa).

“Wake up Kura! The road has been so badly neglected that some people have started dumping trash in it,” he moans. His contact is [email protected]

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