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The People’s Champion May 16, 2014

Ban this, ban that? Banning tinted windows will not solve five per cent of the security problems our city has. But ban seems to be the magic word to the Government and the solution to every problem, says Alex Bwimwe.

Ban this ban that is what the authorities shout at the mention of any problem and when they take action to curb any bad situations , it is the wrong action. Remember the many arrests in Eastleigh recently?

Did that stop the Thika Road bombs from being prepared or set off to injure wananchi, Bwimwe asks. I agree that targeted communities will bear the brunt of such actions, say the terror attacks, but not undue and unnecessary harassment.

How about concentrating on road safety measures in the spirit of Michuki? he asks.


Frisking business. To hear that people have to produce identity cards to board matatus or buses to various city destinations is ridiculous, to say the least.

Alan Odero thinks some people are taking this terrorism issue too far until it stops making sense. It is a lot of nonsense. There is no benefit to this, he adds.

People are queuing and creating an attractive scene for terrorists to strike as they are getting frisked and rummaging in their bags to get documents, which may not prove anything any way.

What he does not understand, he says is why frisk passengers that much at Kencom, then pick more at Panafric, Valley Road and elsewhere without even checking their luggage?

Let’s be sensible as we go about these security arrangements, he advises.


Eastlands upgrade? The plans county chiefs have for Eastlands are really good, but may the officials be warned that their grand arrangements to upgrade the ancient estates may never see the light of day.

Only time will tell how many legal issues will arise out of this. About two years ago, Muthurwa estate was to be brought down for development of the area that closely borders the city centre.

That was just before people came up with a million legal issues to block the plans. The court battles started and I believe they still go on, of course with orders to halt the project. Who knows whether the plans, though well-meant will ever be implemented? asks Nduma Nene.

The residents do not own the houses they live in, the county chiefs should remember.


Take action. I have read with deep feeling the story of Bishop Kosgei who was left to crawl out of a Fly 540 plane because they ‘do not carry passengers who cannot support themselves’, as they put it, says Bhaveet Chudasama.

I am paraplegic and I have been a victim of similar treatment by the same airline some time last December. The woman at the check-in counter blatantly said: “We do not carry disabled people.” I was shocked beyond words.

Even when they accepted to have me on board, I had to pay Sh2,000 to a ground staff to assist me board the flight after pleading at the check-in counter. Thanks Nairobi News for giving this story the prominence it deserves and I want to ask whoever is in charge of the offending staff to ensure action is taken, he says.