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The People’s Champion February 7,2014

Snouty menace

“Who owns the pigs which roam all over Eastlands scavenging in the garbage and stopping traffic whenever they wish to cross roads?” asks Patrick Obanga.

Such were the animals used last year by rights activists when they were protesting against MPs demand for higher pay.

The resident of Dandora also would also like to know whether animals should be left to roam in such a way — eating all sorts of dirt and posing untold dangers.

If County Hall is unable to tackle this problem or if someone is sleeping on the job, then an alternative solution should be sought urgently, he suggests.

In the case of a fatal disease breaking out that can be spread by such animals, Nairobi residents would pay dearly for the carelessness of the county authorities, he says.


Filthy mess

Why is raw sewerage left to flow along roads in open drainage as if nothing is wrong with that?

It may be the norm under our county authorities, says Mureu Mwai, but that does not make it correct. He says he sees and smells the filthy mess every day on Kangundo Road’s Komarock area and asks why the county authorities are doing nothing about it.

Are the authorities so oblivious to the dangers that such filth poses to residents? The filth, after flowing over long distances, dries up or flows into a river.

There are also some people who grow vegetables and arrow roots along the sewerage drains and they have no qualms selling these to consumers — never mind the dangers such foodstuff may pose to the health of consumers.


Death trap

The railway bridge on Mombasa Road just after GM is a disaster waiting to happen, says Mary Richards.

The guard rail has been missing for a long time and she is concerned because every time she drives by, she cannot help having that creepy feeling that the unthinkable could happen.

If a small hitch occurred, a driver would find himself plunging down to the railway below – and God forbid – if there would be a train passing, the disaster would be one big mess.

It is common knowledge that iron guard rails are stolen by vandals, but that is no reason to leave such a dangerous spot unguarded. Our Kenyan style is ‘wait for a disaster to strike and then set rules to prevent a repeat,’ but Richards says it is better to be safe than sorry.


Right of reply

I read the article on websites in your yesterday’s issue that intimated we need a better website, writes Deputy Governor Jonathan Mweke.

He adds: I totally agree that the current one does not live up to the status of the city. I would let you know that we are developing a fully functional web portal which will be informative, interactive and overseeing the ICT transformation of the county.

I would be happy to  hear your  thoughts in this regard.