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The People’s Champion February 26, 2014

Confiscate equipment. A thriving bakery business started by Jason Nyakundi at Umoja’s Innercore area is no more and he blamed Kenya Power. Last October the company disconnected the electricity supply over a Sh259,000 bill. He disputed the bill noting that he had always promptly paid his dues and he had the receipts to prove it.

“They neither notified me before taking the adverse action nor did they explain why the bill accumulated to that amount,” said Nyakundi. Following the disconnection, his landlord confiscated his equipment for fear that he would run away leaving him to settle the bill. He consequently had to let go his six workers. He claimed that Kenya Power altered the billing details on his account number 3596890.


Warrant response. Judy Wambui a University of Nairobi student said her queries to the East African Breweries’ customer care desk had been ignored. She participated in their Watch And Win promotion between November and December last year when Tusker Project Fame show was running. On December 7, Judy received a message from 21001 informing her that she was among the winners of Sh10,000. The money, she was told would be sent in three days via Mpesa but to date she had not received a cent.

“Attempts to contact them on their customer service numbers have been futile as their lines never go through,” she said adding she was disappointed that her repeated queries were seemingly not deemed serious enough to warrant response.


Null and void. Dorothy Wanja felt cheated after mobile outlet Tuscom, Pioneer branch refused to replace her faulty Samsung phone that had a two-year warranty. She said barely a year after she walked out of the outlet with the phone, it stopped charging. She took it to the Samsung Care Centre at Hilton Arcade, but they were unable to fix the problem and advised her to take it back to Tuscom for replacement.

“I however received a letter on February 6 notifying me that the phone had been tampered with and therefore the warranty was null and void,” said Dorothy. She termed the response as lame since she believed Tuscom would also have taken the phone to the Samsung centre for repair.


Bureaucratic process. University of Nairobi’s insistence that a KCSE certificate had to be confirmed before admission was puzzling, said Jackson Nyando. He felt that after furnishing the institution with an application form, a banking slip for a non-refundable Sh3,000 application fee, a photocopy of his national identity card as well as his KCSE certificate, the additional requirement was an unnecessary bureaucratic process.

“I asked them why that was necessary yet I had my original copies,” said Jackson who applied for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He said the UoN demand would not be easy to comply with as he was living in Nyamira county and raising money for transport was not easy.

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