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The People’s Champion February 17, 2014

Joblessness. For a leader who promised to create jobs when he came into office, Dominic Bundi feels that Governor Evans Kidero is yet to deliver on this pledge. On the contrary, he notes that the actions of his government have only pushed hundreds if not thousands into joblessness.

“Take the example of porters who ferry fresh produce from Wakulima Market to city hotels and restaurants. This group is already experiencing jitters knowing only too well that when the market is moved to Kangundo Road many of them will be left without a job,” says Bundi. He fears that very soon employers will start sacking some workers as they find the cost of the extra taxes introduced by Dr Kidero too much to bear. “Jobs cannot be created by taxing everyone into poverty,” he says.


Fair chance. After attending the just concluded county master plan meetings at Bomas of Kenya, Dancun Munyua says he is inclined to believe that Nairobians were not given a fair chance to air their views. Firstly, he notes that they were only informed of the important meeting at the last minute making it hard for many of them to plan to attend. Secondly, when he eventually attended, the forum he says it was dominated by national and county government officials.

“This is how senior workers like it, obviously, to control outcomes and more dangerously, control development approvals,” points out Munyua adding that that is against the constitutional call of public service. “Unless we change our attitudes as individuals, Nairobi will lag behind,” says Munyua.


Public transport. Susan Kinyanjui agrees with the County Traffic Commander Edward Mwaburi that the cause of the traffic congestion witnessed last week is an increase in vehicles on county roads. It has nothing to do with an alleged sabotage by traffic police officers about to be removed from the roads, she insists.

“Everywhere you go there are more newly registered cars than old ones. One gets the impression that it is almost as if some dealer is dishing them out at throw-away prices,” says Susan. She believes that the only way to ensure that the county does not come to a standstill is by pushing for a reliable public transport system. “The building of more train stations is a step in the right direction,” Susan says.


Faulty meter. Kenya Power’s response to its customers’ queries is wanting, says Sharon Timbe, a hair salon owner in Donholm. She says she has done almost everything save go down on her knees for KP officers to replace her faulty electricity meter which cut the power connection to her business more than a week ago. Ms Timbe adds that a visit to their Stima House offices has also not moved the officers to respond to her problem.

“Dealing with them is so frustrating. They keep telling me that someone will visit my business, but no one has shown up to date,” she says. The business owner fears that the Kenya Power inefficiency is not only going to cost her money, but also her customers whose trust has not been easy to cultivate.

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