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The People’s Champion April 4, 2014

Security solutions

I think it is time we gave the NIS powers equal to those Special Branch wielded in their time, says Joram Mwendwa.

He adds: Many of these planned attacks are reported to police by intelligence personnel but apparently nothing is done. Let NIS have powers to arrest such characters.

Kenyans must be vigilant and should not dismiss some issues just by listening to politicians. The CORD leadership the other day dismissed the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ initiative, but I believe it can work.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We have been too good to the neighbours and now they are back-stabbing us. Next maybe  South Sudan after we discovered oil in Turkana.

Do we have any measures in place to avoid a possible invasion from our neighbour clamouring for the new find — oil?


Vet refugees

Something must be done to rid the city and  the entire country of dissidents who are causing terror left, right and centre as soon as possible says John Thompson.

The refugees and alien community from war-torn countries residing and doing business in Kenya must be accounted for and put under very strict surveillance intelligence programme by the government before we soon start tallying on massive casualties on our citizens who are prone and soft targets of this killer extremist movements.

It is the high time those in charge of security acted swiftly — checking who is who, especially in Eastleigh and dealing with those lacking proper identification documents. But residents should not be unduly harassed with this as an excuse,  Thompson adds.


War on terror

The other day, an Islamic teaching centre was suspected to have had links with the man who died while  assembling bombs to kill innocent Kenyans, says Miguel Njereri.

The State should pass a law that any place of worship or whatever building  — even if it is privately owned— used to assemble bombs or teach hate towards other religions will simply be taken over by the Government and made government property, he suggests.

This will force Landlords to be careful about whom they rent their property to.

It should be clearly put that if it is discovered that any terrorist was living in your building, you will automatically be held accountable and lose your property to the Government. This can bring a lasting solution to the problem that is now getting out of hand, he says.


Double check

Vetting airport workers over security threats is a good thing but if the police are  serious about security, they should decongest the security checks areas in the airport urgently and remove them as far as possible from the fuel tanks, says Kibet Korir.

Further, any car without an airport sticker should be screened while it is miles away, he adds. And more serious checks should be on vehicles with airport stickers as they are the greatest danger.

Furthermore, police don’t seem to concern themselves about the nature of business people do at the airport and who the business owners are.

KAA should vet everyone who has a business at the airport even if via the primary facility owners who accommodate tenants, he concludes.