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The People’s Champion April 14, 2014

Bigger jobs. It was laughable that the National Construction Authority was releasing guidelines to check the growing influence of Chinese contractors, said Mohamed Milano. The guidelines meant to protect local counterparts where not in the interest of the Kenyan taxpayer, he said noting that unlike locals, Chinese firms were efficient and cost effective.

“Let the Chinese stay. They do an excellent work. One only has to look at the quality of Thika Superhighway or the new KCB skyscraper in Upper Hill,” said Mr Milano. Had the superhighway being entrusted with local contractors, he said, the work would have dragged for decades and completed sections would be under repair every year. “If our locals can’t do a good job with estate roads, why entrust them with bigger jobs?” he asked.


Better ventilation. Jasure Oduori was disappointed that Safaricom had not seen the need to provide better ventilation in its customer care centre on Kimathi Street. He said the outlet was always overcrowded and therefore stuffy. The few overhead fans, he added, did little to ensure that fresh air was circulating in the hall.

“I almost collapsed one time after being on my feet for an excruciating long time waiting to be served,” he said. He said even though to the centre’s credit, the management had tried to reduce the time spent waiting before one is served, it would be helpful to provide seats for customers to rest as they wait. “The idea is working very well for KCB banking halls that were notorious for long queues,” said Mr Oduori.


Neglected areas. Grace Theuri said the county Government was guilty of neglecting River Road and other streets that were the backbone of the city’s historic growth. Some of the services evident in the tourist frequented area like the city centre, she said were unheard of in downtown Nairobi.

“The collection of garbage is not regular as is street lighting. But the county is always prompt to collect what is owed to it by traders,” she said. Ms Theuri was however encouraged to see that in spite of being ignored by the Government, 24-hour business was thriving in the area. “I think it is about time the media keeps highlighting more of such neglected areas, if only to shame the county,” she said.


Roadside declarations. Isn’t Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru being petty by threatening to arrest drivers who help drunk motorists escape police roadblocks? asked Joseph Kanyi. He said it was not a crime for people to drive the vehicles provided they had the proper documentation. Mr Kimaru’s threat, he added, amounted to a roadside declaration of an otherwise legitimate act into crime.

About the Facebook Alcoblow page, Mr Kanyi also said there was similarly nothing wrong with posting information of where bribe-extorting police officers can be found and offering alternative routes to escape them. “ Why can’t he arrest terrorists and drug dealers and leave Nairobians to enjoy the fruits of their sweat in peace?” asked Mr Kanyi.

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