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The People’s Champion April 07, 2014

Appreciate officers. Nairobians should appreciate security officers who were diligently doing their work, said Alice Kiiru. She recently witnessed a confrontation between policemen and a man who was protesting at being searched more than once at the Nakumatt Galleria Mall in Karen.

“He did not take it kindly that the officers wanted to search him for the third time since he entered the mall and even threatened to call the area police boss who would sack them,” she said. The officers did not however budge and dared him to call their boss which, according to Ms Kiiru annoyed the shopper further, so much more that he started cursing. “Let us all cooperate and not demean our law enforcement agents. We should always be our brothers’ keepers,” said Ms Kiiru.


Deplorable state. John Ndebwa wondered why the county Government was seemingly sitting by as landlords in such estates as Donholm and Umoja channelled domestic waste water to estate roads. He was convinced this had led to the deplorable state of most roads which gobble up a lot of taxpayers’ money.

“I am sure that before the foundation stones to those buildings were laid, the plans presented to the county Government, if at all there were any, detailed how waste water would be channelled into the city sewer system,” said Mr Ndebwa. He said the improper disposal of the water was not only a concern the city roads, but for the health of residents as well. “Some of the pools created by the water are breeding grounds for mosquitos,” added Mr Ndebwa.


Solely responsible. President Uhuru Kenyatta was going about the fight against terrorism the wrong way, said Nasra Eris. Instead of alienating one community against the rest by intimating they were solely responsible for Kenya’s insecurity woes and ordering closure of refugee camps, Mr Kenyatta should first eliminate corruption, he advised.

“Over 1000 Somali suspects without identification documents were arrested on Monday night after the explosion that killed six people but most are now out after greedy policemen took bribes,” said Mr Eris. “As long as the Government keeps blaming one ethnic group and ignoring the dragon in the room, we will never be truly safe,” Mr Eris said.


Abusing resources. Huduma centre, the one-stop-shop that brings 18 government services under one roof has been a blessing to many Kenyans since it was launched in November last year, said Brian Kay. He was however not pleased with the attitude of its staff, whom he felt were abusing the resources at their disposal.

“I was at the Teleposta building the other day and the young woman serving the health care counter was on Facebook for the entire one and half hours I was there. She kept ignoring customers making them feel unwelcome,” he said. Mr Kay urged the Government to either sack such employees who did not take their jobs seriously or block all social media websites.

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